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Wandering Star Gala
13 October 2008 @ 10:47 am

Patti Smith.
Just Patti Smith, forever and ever.

As I was watching the show last night I had a wave of sadness for anyone who just missed her in their lives.
Download this, put it on tonight in the dark just before you go to sleep and change.

Wandering Star Gala
06 October 2008 @ 05:47 pm
I keep meaning to update but then realizing that things that I really want to say, to the people who may or may not still haunt this place, aren't things that I want to narrate here- to be skimmed, digested, commented, or whatever.
Because my experiences at the moment are dull but meaningful. There is greif, love and strength that I don't have a place to express right now, and if I can't find it with my friends at the moment I doubt I can find that here.

Maybe its enough to say that I miss some of you dearly and I still care about you and am out here listening. <3
Wandering Star Gala
10 September 2008 @ 10:50 am
Come along, it makes for a cheap and cheerful saturday afternoon!

Wandering Star Gala
The joys of living two doors from a library is that you can mooch of their free wifi in the early hours of the morning while sitting in an open window looking out over shambolic brick rooftops.

The world is just a little glorious.

My happiness is evident, a crazy intensity that creeps into my voice at all times, my brain firing constant inspiration and an inibility to sit still.

The new place is gorgeous. My housemate is gorgeous. We nest and buy quantities of food far beyond our means, have simultaneous videogame attack times and nail lots of things into the wall.

I am hooked on the bad crack that is Stephanie Meyer's sparklerific 'Twilight'. I feel my brain melting out my ears at every page turn and am loving it.

Last week was a flurry of visitors. Im trying to get some work done over the next few days, so am reflexively going quiet.

Everything works. It is a strange and loving sensation.
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Wandering Star Gala
09 April 2008 @ 06:05 pm
Gosh I own alot of stuff. I have sent a whole lot of it back to the op-shop from which it came.
(except that when i was dropping stuff off a girl was dropping off a cute storage tower... which i asked for nicely :P... ah, I never stop accumulating crap)

Packing has been intense, interspersed with trips to ikea and then creative chopping of random ikea cheap things.
I think that I am fine for furniture, but one more bookcase wouldn't go astray in the future :p
Am about to adventure to greensborough to pick up some armchairs I won on ebay. Yay! They turn into a bed too! And the tops should be easy to recover with cuteness.
Can also now afford a mattress through a few speedy and ingenious sales. I am very glad that it will not be put on my credit card now :)

I am exhausted and am fairly sure that I have a broken bone in my foot. It hurts alot, so much so that I stood on a piece of glass today and didnt realise for several minutes because I was fixated on how much the other foot hurt when i was walking :S
The weekend will be hellish, because everyone I know who can carry stuff (aka. vaguely manly or uninjured) are unavailable. I think Leon and myself will end up a little dead :S

Cool stuff randomly found, that I thought was lost: mp3 car tuner, quasi cd, sentimental cassettes. Gah, cant remember anymore.

Also I got my pen scanner in the post from teh states today - it works a treat!! I am so excited about the speediness and time saving awesomeness of the device!

I think my new decorating theme is going to be stripes. Colour and stripes. Still slightly mexican, but perhaps even more colourful. I am thinking of resurecting my year 12 exploitation popart sexy boys for the wall.
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Wandering Star Gala
07 April 2008 @ 10:03 pm
today i got the keys to my new place - wheee!!
I also got a killer fridge for $80 and someone dragged it down two flights of stairs and into a van for me - whee!
at which point i spent many many hours cleaning and washing the walls - less whee!
my foot is very sore and puffy because of way too much glee on the weekend - both whee and unwhee!
but then i remember the fact that i got to see billy fucking corgan!!!!! and the world becomes golden.
I'm am seriously still so delirious about that fact.
also, i have enough free space, post measuring, that i can freely go to ikea and frenzy - whee!
more less whee and more whee - the boat overheated because it does and i only had enough time to pull into chadstone before it died but not get the extra 2kms home, but then there was 50% off at riot. I now have window boxes to play with (yeah, because i needed that right as i am throwing out most of what i own...).

Also, v festival on the weekend was great and i was in excellent company. It was undersold, so it was comfortable crowd-wise, and it was cloudy all day so again, comfy. hot hot heat, air and queens of the stone age got some love. But then, omg the loving for the fact that roisin murphy is so gorgeous, had crazy back up singers, slick moves and changed costumes between every song!!! latex pink gloves, insane modular heels, eccentric hats, nipples and crazy crazy futuristic glasses - it made me delirious with the cool - it cracked me for the rest of the day with laughter and crowd dancing. Then there was the fact that I got to see Duran Duran ask "Are You Hungry?" before a gala-screaming-along- rendition of HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF!!!  many awesome points in that fact.
Sadly, I had to break away because my heart was elsewhere.... for like a decade....

God. I think running frenzied towards a stage screaming the opening lines to Rocket!!!! (that beautiful couldn't be more perfect twinkling opening guitar) next to an awesome friend will go down as an infinite moment in my life. Just sheer joy, crying, screaming, singing, jumping, arm raised joy. So happy.
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Wandering Star Gala
05 April 2008 @ 11:37 pm
Wandering Star Gala
02 April 2008 @ 09:42 pm
Gala in the ease of dot points!

* am moving out - like now. Hurrah! Everyone must come and visit gala house in the near future (which is in North Melbourne :D)
* Am back at uni - it is interesting, difficult to be motivated, and a little isolating but moving will help.
* word meters tell me that I have written 6.4% of my masters thesis (which will inevitably get trashed when I actually know what I am talking about). Very good for a very distracted month.
*I really am in love with my topic.
*There Will be Blood is ace. As is France Gall, Adult Swim, Aldi and chickpea burgers.
*I am now the ironing and occassional work girl at the costume shop. The lack of fixed hours and customers suits me fine.
*Had an crazy adventurous easter
*Is loving having a super insane little brother and sister
*Is missing my friends - but that is largely my fault and is fairly normal.
*Am loving the wind and rain, having a lsaer printer and great speakers
*Went to queensland for a month in which there was rain and many many movies.
* Am suffering from success.
* And Zazz.

Thats enough for someone living on another planet.
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Wandering Star Gala
02 April 2008 @ 08:35 pm
i know i never write here anymore....

anyway, there seems to be alot of smashing pumpkins tickets floating around for $50 on friday night.
would anyone be interested in going?
Wandering Star Gala
23 February 2008 @ 10:20 pm
okay, i am back now.
i dont know that anyone really knew that i was gone because i never post and never actually see anyone, but at least lately i have had the excuse of being interstate.
I have no idea what has been going on with everyone.

it rained nearly everyday that i was in sunny queensland and as usual with my dad, my days were laregly punctuated with watching the cricket, betting on horseraces and many random drives in the countryside. I think that I am well mellowed and appreciate my dad more now that my mum has remarried. We resurected gingerbeer spiders and i will have to corrupt the next generation with them soon.

I came back to find that mum has bought me half a kitchen to move out with, which is joyous, and would only be made moreso if i actually had a place locked in to move into. She also bought me a skin to make a drum - this is very very excellent. And a perfect new handbag and a book filled with pictures of cats... much squee was had.

I am petrified by going back to uni next week - i think i am in well beyond my depth. I can also think of a million projects that i would love to write on and could get inspired by right now, but alas, these are not my actual project.

i need to find a rhythm. hopefully it is one that goes bom, bom-bom like all the best Ronettes songs.